IOM S-Type

S-Type Detail

Just another S-Type pic I stumbled upon on the web somewhere. I’ve done an image search, but I can’t find anything more about this scoot, but just from the little details you can pick out you know it’s a stunner. The trimmed headlight peak, the balloon grips,  the candy striped leg shield trim… all hint to a cracker of a scoot. If it’s yours… I’d love to feature it on the blog.


Seriously sporting…

ImageLove this shot from WhiteDog, who’s got a nice little blog, here. It features some great shots of his dad, usually astride a Lambretta, back in the day. I can’t glean much more information other than he hails from the York locale, and his old man was secretary of the York Lambretta Club back in the 60’s. So if you’re behind WhiteDog blog, get in touch and spill the beans!

The Second Annual MotorScooter Rally at the Isle of Man, 1959

Found this fantastic video on YouTube. Those were the days… Bear in mind, when you see everybody in their jumpers, scarves and macintoshes – this was the height of summer! Halcyon days. (I don’t actually know what halcyon means… but I expect these days were halcyon).