The Smite – a modern reincarnation of the classic Messerschmitt bubble car


I posted about this little beauty on my other blog, here, ages ago. Then it all went a bit quiet. … nothing. No updates on the website, nada. Until I spotted a link to this video on Facebook. I seriously want one of these… it would ‘go’ so well with my Series 2…The colour even matches (in the video). I’ll keep you updated if I hear more!

The official Smite website (hasn’t been updated for a while)
And Smite on Facebook  (a better bet for more up-to-date stuff)

Bear with me… I’m struggling to embedd the video into this post. Until I do here’s a link to it: SMITE Video


Jet Scooter

Not to be confused with a Jet 200 Lambretta… This is a gas turbine scooter with a homemde afterburner. Personally, I’m not sure afterburners SHOULD be homemage… and as this seems to generate more noise, flame and smoke than forward motion, at the moment I’ll stick to Petroil… 


Welcome to Lambrettista

This Posterous stuff is getting addictive! I think I was posting a few too many scooter related links over at CrocodileJock, (my other blog) which was originally intended to be a general design blog. I thought the Lambretta stuff might be turning some readers off, and the design stuff turning the scooter crew off. So here goes, a dedicated Lambretta blog. There may be some Vespa (cough, splutter!) stuff posted here from time to time, and other scoots… but I will veer towards the vintage stuff rather than modern, “twist and go” scooters, unless there’s something that interests me of course. So, to kick it off (and while I work out how to re-publish the scooter stuff from the CrocodileJock blog), here are some interesting concepts for a modern Lambretta, dating from 2006. Rather a good effort, I thought. I’m trying to track down some more information about the creator, Robledo.



Oh, and the other difference between this blog and the CrocodileJock one is I’s like this site to be a bit more collaborative, so if you’ve got any Lambretta (or other scooter at a pinch) related pictures or stories to share, get in touch.