The Scooterist Movie Trailer

A forthcoming film about the UK scooter scene, THE SCOOTERISTS focuses on the theme of scootering being a ‘way of life’. This film delves into the world of scootering at it’s roots and told passionately by those who ride them.

THE SCOOTERISTS celebrates everything scooter – the lifestyle, the music and the oil! A true British movement that’s still moving.
They’re currently raising the finances to start shooting this year. If anyone is interested, visit the Facebook page for more updates on how you can get involved, or read the ScooterLab interview with director Andy Hylton, here.


It’s NOT a race… but let’s get it over the finish line!

starr-0910P_B_129-02---DAY-02-MORNING-.Still001It’s 22 scooters. It’s 3,487 miles. Over 10 Days. It’s the Scooter Cannonball Run… a “timed endurance event”. And back in 2010 they shot  a movie… a documentary that attempted to capture the insanity of the event by follows the scoots ( a swarm of Vespa’s, a Honda Ruckus and Yamaha C3 and Starr – pictured above – on her ’67 Lambretta) from Vancouver too Maine.

And they’ve been working on the movie for the last four years. Working through over 300 hours of footage, shot with 7 cameras. This has been a passion project for the filmmaking team, and, up until now, has been entirely self financed. Finally, the movie has begun to near completion, and now the team has turned to crowdfunding, via Kickstarter, in order to raise finishing funds.

I know it’s a movie I’d like to see. And we can help make it happen. If it’s something you’d like to be part of of too, you can contribute here.

Visit the movie website, Facebook page or watch the trailer below:

Run… 90’s Scooter run documentary

A cut above the usual documentary about scooters… avoiding most of the clichés, and featuring Scootering magazine’s Sticky (whatever happened to him?), I don’t know how I missed this Channel 4 documentary ‘back in the day’ but I’ve got absolutely no recollection of seeing this before. Just watch it, it’s brilliant.

Lambretta – the movie

Not sure of the provenance of this fine piece of footage, if you follow this link it will take you to Peter Janovick’s YouTube page, but it looks to me like it’s been taped off the telly at some point in the late ’90’s. If it was, it passed me by on it’s original airing… and the late 90’s has itself become a bit of history I suppose. God I feel old sometimes!

Anyway, if you know a bit about Lammies, it’s an interesing 26 minutes, and if you’ve stumbled across this website somehow without knowing about Mr Innocenti’s fine creations, it’s virtually essential viewing.