Latest Lambretta shots from Milan show


A couple of images from the EICMA show in Milan… these red ones look like the “LS” model previously announced (I’ve heard that maybe LS stands for “Little Sister” although this migh just be a nickname), all one colour, and also a variant with the headlight on the horncast, as in the original LC’s, LD’s and LI Series 1’s. Seems a bit odd to be incorporating a design feature Lambretta abandoned in 1959, but that’s fashion for you… and there are plenty of modern scooters with the headlight in this position. True, it removes the problem of that big ugly headlight on the LN, but I don’t think it’s wholey successful design wise. 


The final shot, below is back to ‘big brother’ the LN… but this time finished in silver and blue. I think this colourway might be for the 150cc model only, which is rumoured to be “for Italy only”. If the LN is going to be popular in the UK, I can see us wanting 150’s, 200’s, 250’s and even 300’s over here to thank you!



Vespa 46

I know, I know, this is a Lambretta blog, but sometimes you just can’t ignore what the ‘old enemy’ are up to. And there’s no arguing with the success of a company that have sold over 17 million scooters in their 65 year history. And at their best, I’ll make no apologies for saying they’ve made a couple of the best looking scooters ever. Even the most ardent Lambrettista would find it hard to pick fault with the beautiful organic lines of a GS 160. Well, I think there’s another classic in the pipeline, in the shape of this lovely “Vespa 46” or (and it sounds SO much better in Italian) The Quarantasei has been unveiled at the EICMA Motorcycle Show in Milan, and is due to be on sale in 125 and 150cc versions before the end of 2012.

From Via ScooterDiva.