Which 1?


There’s a trio of nice Series 1’s on eBay at the mo, which one appeals to you?


The rusty TV1 Replica? The beautifully restored Genuine TV1 Ivory TV1 Lookalikey? Or the the classic, HONEST, and slightly more affordable, two-tone LI? Click on the names to see the full details on eBay. Lambrettisti, make your choice!


Replicas, Tributes or Honest Scooters?
Jas spotted the restored ivory scoot is not a TV… but a LI150, ‘dressed’ as a TV175. There’s a lot of that about these days. I know a lot of people want the style and the kudos of riding a rare model TV/SX/GT without the price tag… and that’s fine, as long as you know what you’re getting when you part with your hard earned. Personally, I would rather see an ‘honest’ LI.


Back from the dead…

Very few people would consider restoring a Lammie as badly corroded as this…rustoration - before 004After getting this cheap (it would have to be!!) off of eBay, Jon thought he’d have a go.

Luckily he had access to a good welder – strike that – a miracle worker, (Paul at Atoms in Maidstone, and his dad) who not only  made good, but fabricated whole new elements – of the sidepanels for example.

008 009 0034 0044After priming, and sorting out a seized engine, Jon put it all back together… and while he’s not going to have a show winner – he’s got a great looking, road going Lammie. One that many Lambretta experts would have consigned to the skip. I love it, and can’t wait to see what the next chapter in this scooters history holds. Big respect, Jon!

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