Stickerbomb S1

tumblr_odeykwFS9P1svpa8fo2_1280Pulled from my folder of random Lambretta images. If it’s your scoot… nice. If you took the picture, and you want a credit and a link (or want it taken down), get in touch.


Back from the dead…

Very few people would consider restoring a Lammie as badly corroded as this…rustoration - before 004After getting this cheap (it would have to be!!) off of eBay, Jon thought he’d have a go.

Luckily he had access to a good welder – strike that – a miracle worker, (Paul at Atoms in Maidstone, and his dad) who not only  made good, but fabricated whole new elements – of the sidepanels for example.

008 009 0034 0044After priming, and sorting out a seized engine, Jon put it all back together… and while he’s not going to have a show winner – he’s got a great looking, road going Lammie. One that many Lambretta experts would have consigned to the skip. I love it, and can’t wait to see what the next chapter in this scooters history holds. Big respect, Jon!

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