Doug Miller Cutdown on eBay

DougMillerCutdownI’ll hold my hands up, I’m not any kind of expert on scooter racing, past or present. But there are some names that you can’t help recognising if you’ve got even a passing interest. One of those is Doug Miller of East London Racing. And one of his cutdowns is for sale on eBay.

It’s one of those items that probably looks like either a horde of treasure or (if you’re not in the know) a pile of junk. I’d love to see sympathetically restored – a ‘conserved restoration’ retaining the charm and patina of the years, rather than a shiny new rebuild.

If that’s a project you feel you would love to take on, here’s the eBay link.

Being Update

57ec951b6f78244227b5251047bc7dfc_originalQuick update on the ‘Being’ short film project that I’ve been posting about. With a 129 backers, they are well over halfway to the Kickstarter goal of £20,000. There’s still nearly £8k to be found, but there’s 25 days to go, so it looks doable!

There are a bunch of great rewards on offer, ranging from £2 to £5,000. The one that may appeal to Lambrettisti is an opportunity to ride your scoot in the final scene of the film for £250 (Five people have already signed up for this). Check it out on Kickstarter, here, where you can find out more about the project, or check out the website:

Update update… with just 11 days to go, there’s still  over £5k to be found, so if you’re thinking about  funding this project, go for it. Remember, if the target isn’t reached you don’t pay a bean, but the project doesn’t go ahead. And don’t worry, contorary to reports on ScooterLab, Steve Berry isn’t making an appearance (as far as I know!).

Mystery Scooter Club

598767_409439462474326_209971564_nI’ve got a folder on my mac of pics I’ve collected over the years… I don’t know where most of them came from, but each of them must have a story behind them. I’ve done a Google image search on this one, with no joy – so if you’ve got any idea who this lot are please let me know! They’re clearly a mixed bunch of machines here, so not a Lambretta club – if they’re a club at all, and not just a random meet up! I’m guessing early 60’s from the S2 Lambrettas – (Vespa experts will know when that GS ‘came out’) though pre-mod or just ‘not mod’ with just ‘sensible’ accessories and proper riding gear! Number plate experts might be able to pin it down from the MN suffix… Isle of Man? Manchester? Does the structure in the background give any clues… is it a bus/coach station?

Any ideas anybody? launches…

ScooterlabSSIt’s finally here, the new website launched today. I’m not going to write reams about it, until I’ve got my head round it a little, other than to say it’s quality product from a team of professionals who know what they’re talking about. There’s something for everybody, whether you’re into classic geared scoots, or modern autos. So, for now I’d just like to give a hearty Lambrettista welcome to the new kid on the block! Check it out for yourself, here.

AF Rayspeed Engine on eBay

AFRayEnginGP200AFRayEnginGP200-1AFRayEnginGP200-2With all of this electric stuff I’ve been posting over the last couple of days, you might think that I’m anti-2stroke. Far from it… I find the classic Innocenti engine almost as iconic as the bodywork – the heart of a classic Lambretta.

And you don’t get more classic than this. Fella on eBay, selling this GP200 engine – standard stage 4 tune,  22mm Jetex, twin tailpipe exhaust, chrome kick-start, new brake shoes and plug oil, with cdi and regulator and engine bolt. Ready to fit and use. With original receipts to around £1300. Collect from Folkstone, Kent.
On a side note, if you ever get the opportunity to make me a cup of tea, the exact colour of the tea in the second pic is the one to aim for. Proper ‘builders’.

Check in out on eBay here

Lambretta Lights Pale Ale


Writing this blog is a just for fun thing for me, I do it because I enjoy it. Some days I enjoy it more than others…particularly when nice people send me things*. Especially beer. Beer is good. If you want to send me beer, that’s great!

CcJmYVoXEAA1tUaThe guys from the Kel Paul Brewing Co.(a pop-up brewery based in  The Hereford Brewery, Hereford). It’s not just beer, it’s Lambretta beer. With a Lambretta logo and a Lambretta on the front. Life doesn’t get better than this. And it’s very quaffable. To quote the blurb on the bottle it’s  ‘A smooth, well hopped Pale Ale. Initial sweet bitterness gives way to a smooth finish’.

Now I’m no Michael Jackson (the beer writer, not the kiddyfiddling** ‘King of Pop’ – though I’m no him either) but I do like a pint. And this is a good one. I fancy I tasted a bit of a citrus twang to it. But that might just me being poncey. It does go very well with a Tesco’s Finest Salami Napoli  pizza. The perfect accompaniment in fact.

You order a case of 12 for a very reasonable £25 + packaging. An ideal gift for the Lambretta loving mate. Or get a couple of cases in for your next social gathering – it’s bound to be a conversation piece.  Every Lambretta lover should have a couple of bottles on standby.

Email and they’ll sort you out.

*If the nice people at Scomadi want to send me one of those, I’ll write a nice, honest review about that too…




250cc Grand Prix Racing Motorcycle

PA-2011_Lam250GP-002I came across these great shots of the 250cc Grand Prix Racing Motorcycle in the Australian version of Motorcycle News. The photographer Phil Aynsley had originally seen an old black & white shot of the bike from when it was originally racing, back in the early fifties. The bike stuck in his mind and after stumbling across a recent picture online, Phil tracked the bike down to Vittorio Tessera’s Lambretta collection.

Although the bike did not much success on the track, it has the clean lines of a classic café racer, with a whiff of Moto Guzzi about it. In fact, the overall transverse V-twin design predates the famous Moto Guzzi layout by some 13 years.

All images copyright Phil Aynsley Photography.

Phil is a photographer based in Sydney, Australia. Check out his other photographic work here.

Jerry’s Jet 200 Barn find

SAM_0632.JPGJerry from Canada got in touch to see if he could find out more about a scooter he’s discovered on his friend’s father’s estate. It’s in fantastic original condition with just 1200 miles on the clock. He’s given her a tidy up, 3 new tyres and tubes, and it’s been running with all systems seeming to operate properly. The only snag being it would bog with a fully open throttle, he suspects that’s the carb needs a bit of cleaning/adjusting.

He’s going to be putting it up on eBay soon, but if you fancy a rare, original condition Jet 200 drop him a line here before it goes up. Jerry is Fredericton NB, eastern Canada, but will crate and ship elsewhere. UPDATE: The Jet was sold a while ago and now has a new home in Texas.

Lambretta LN parts needed… Can you help?


One of my readers, Dan, had an unfortunate Christmas present over the holidays, with a van driver reversing into his Lambretta LN125. He’s having trouble sourcing a new front cowling to repair it… can you help? If you can, drop him a line to He’s in London, but happy to have it shipped from anybody in the UK. Any dealers out there that can help with this?