New Diablo Mid-Range Tanks

Hot on the heels of yesterday’s post about JL Polishing, Johnny Lambrettista*, (the JL in JL Polishing, for those that are paying attention) go in touch with a bit of a scoop for the blog.10471026_10152650751774292_5415667203614761542_n 10313717_10152650751784292_5243989671284918759_n

As well as making bits of metal very shiny, Johnny is the now the fella behind the famous Diablo Tanks – THE best custom made long range fuel tanks for series 1, 2 and 3 lambretta’s on the market today. Diablo Tanks have established an unrivalled reputation over 10 years producing hundreds of tanks for touring scooters. Johnny took over the ownership and distribution of Diablo Tanks after the closure of Diablo Moto, and has maintained the design, construction and quality that mark them out.

Not prepared to rest on their laurels, Diablo are developing a new, mid-range tank, The “Rapido Midi”. Above are shots of one of the prototype Rapido Midi tanks in situ. Keeping the traditional Diablo features of the rolled edges, large cutouts (either left or right side) for all set ups, and Lambretta filler necks. Fixing brackets will be supplied with the tank. They will be ready for sale and on the Diablo Tanks website soon, but you read it here first. A price guide of £229 + postage.

*Still no relation 🙂


The true spirit of motorcycling…

These days, when I’m out on my Series 2, I get more “thumbs up” from riders of BSA and Triumphs than modern auto scooters… funny how things change. Anyway, this video raised a smile. After yesterdays horrific events In London, I need something to make me smile.

I think that’s a Cezeta… I don’t think Innocenti had much to worry about on the design front! And a petrol tank built into the front fender? Who’s bright idea was that!?