LD150 Scrambler

Scrambler-2nteresting scrambler on eBay, no visible frame numbers, so it will have to remain an “off-roader”, but it’s got visible engine numbers. The fish-tail exhaust is pretty cool!


Here’s the eBay link

Lambretta Serveta Puma Cross

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LamServetaPumaHere’s a bit of a rarity I stumbled across on eBay, a dual Lambretta/Serveta branded scrambler style moped 50cc motorcycle (It ain’t a moped – see the comments).

Now, normally when you see the words ‘very rare’ you can take them with a pinch of salt, but this is the real deal, especially in the UK – although slightly less so in it’s native Spain. Dating from the late ’70’s the Puma came in two variants, the ‘Endure’ and the ‘Puma Cross’ the Puma Cross having 5 gears – itself pretty unusual for a moped.  It’s in need of a little TLC, but comes with a bunch of spares. The only bit that doesn’t look quite right to me is the exhaust… I think the original may have come up a higher, following the lines of the mudguard…

Rarity usually demands a premium in the Lambretta world, but this is currently sitting at just £400. If you’re like the look of it, or just fancy something a bit different for your Lambretta collection get your bid in!
Here’s the eBay link

Vintage Lambretta Scrambling video

The Lambretta scrambler that is for sale on eBay that I posted previously comes with some cine film footage of scooter scrambling… which prompted me to do a little search on YouTube. I found this marvelous period video. Who knows… that eBay scrambler could even be on the vid.
I love the precision tools being used for the last minute adjustments… seemed you only really needed 3 tools… a hacksaw, a hammer, and a bigger hammer!

Lambretta Scrambler on eBay

One of the more unique Lambretta’s on eBay at the moment, this scrambler dates from the mid 1960’s, and comes complete with some history and a box of cine film, from period scrambling events!
It’s an amalgam of a 1957 frame (A Model D would be my guess) and LD 150 engine, which has recently had a pro rebuild. It’s not looking terribly road legal… but it’s not for that. Imagine the fun you’d have (and the looks you’d get) blasting about the campsite on a rally on this!
It’s currently sitting at £3,300… which puts it in the same price bracket as a new LN. Here’s the link