Hot Shots! Part Deux – Topper Harley

This films been around since 1991, and I’ve only just noticed that the main character, Topper Harley is probably a scooter reference. Duh! Now, I was sure I’d written a Harley Topper before, but I was probably thinking about the other indigenous US Scooter, the Cushman (post here… worth checking out… oh, and this one).  Anyway. I hadn’t.

Topper Harley

Topper Harley

Harley Topper

Harley Topper

The Topper was the only scooter Harley Davidson every produced. Made between 1961 and 1965, and despite it’s squarish, “50’s American Refrigerator” lines, it’s certainly not a bad looking scooter. (That last sentence just shows how much my aesthetics have changed over the years… I remember when I first saw a picture of a Topper I thought it unbelievably fugly!). Let’s just say it’s “of its time”.

There’s an owners club, with a ‘virtual website’ (a tautology surely? perhaps an ironic one) here.

In a postmodern twist, Topper himself has his own Facebook page, here.

Anyway. Back to Hot Shots, and my favourite line:

Topper Harley: You’re the only one that knows how to get to the ‘copter pad. If I’m not there in 15 minutes, you know what to do…
Colonel Walters: Yeah, get the hell out of here!
Topper Harley: No! Wait another 15 minutes!

LCGB 60th Anniversary Run Shipston-on-Stour

Remember that rather good video I posted a wee while back of EuroLambretta in Avignon? Well, Woody, who shot that, has made another mini masterpiece with this film of the Lambretta Club of Great Britains’ 60th Anniversary Rally. Enjoy.

It’s only Rock’n’Loll, but I like it!

Ok, so that’s probably the worst pun ever… but that’s the way I roll.Rock Husdon, Gina Lollobrigida and a Lambretta S2

Rock Huson, dressing to match his Series 2 Lambretta, with Gina Lollobrigida in the background. A publicity postcard from the film Come September I’d imagine…

Dino’s at it again…

Dean Martin on a CentoBefore Austin Powers, there was Matt Helm… a spoof secret agent played by Dean Martin. A hard drinking, womanising, wisecracking american counterpart to 007, Dino played it strictly for laughs, and took every opportunity to get his leg over. On this occasion, he’s given up trying to kick start the LD, and got his leg over a J Range… And riding pillion he’s looking for somewhere to hold on!

Fantastic Lambretta Video

Nothing in the way of a commentary  just some marvellous vintage footage, (some of it I’ve never seen before) of the world’s finest motor scooter. It looks like it has been nicked from the History channel. The music’s pretty good too…so  just sit back and enjoy. Ends with the text “Lambretta …the other side of the Italian miracle”

Lambretta – the movie

Not sure of the provenance of this fine piece of footage, if you follow this link it will take you to Peter Janovick’s YouTube page, but it looks to me like it’s been taped off the telly at some point in the late ’90’s. If it was, it passed me by on it’s original airing… and the late 90’s has itself become a bit of history I suppose. God I feel old sometimes!

Anyway, if you know a bit about Lammies, it’s an interesing 26 minutes, and if you’ve stumbled across this website somehow without knowing about Mr Innocenti’s fine creations, it’s virtually essential viewing. 

Hover scooters

Well it’s 2012, and I’m a bit pissed off. Where are the flying cars we were promised on Tomorrows World? Instead 2012 cars are pretty much like 1960’s cars, except with air con, ABS, an lots less personality.


Then there were the hoverboards from “Back to the Future” …although I was never good enough on a regular skateboard to make having a hoverboard part of my wishlist. A hover scooter though… hmm… that’s a different kettle of fish… wouldn’t mind one of those. Mind you, I don’t think I’d fancy owning the one in the Pathe movie… it’s more “back to the drawing board” than “Back to the future”!



Video via: Visordown Flying cars from: Plus4Chan Hover scooters via: RideTheMachine

Fine filmage

I came across this movie on Da Nguyen’s “The Scooterist” site, a fine blog which comes out of Vietnam. Nicely shot, it’s clearly a promo for the premium harrington (and other stuff) brand Baracuta, though the promotioanl element is fairly subtle… just the riders standing around in various pastel shade harringtons around the 1minute 10 mark! Nice selection of Lammies on display… although I must admit I lost interst a little during teh surfing segment… not quite my bag! I’m all for packing as much fun into a weekend as possible, but I must be getting a bit old, but a ride down to Woolacombe, a spot of surfing, a bit of Northern in the evening and a ride home the same day would probably be too much for my old bones!

Nice movie by Polymath Films, good soundtrack too.



Let’s get back to some PROPER Lambretta’s

Right, just in case anybody had stumbled across my blog for the first time and was worried it was all about NEW Lambrettas… here’s a nice bit of pure nostagia. Come September, a film from 1961, stars Rock Hudson, Gina Lollobrigida, Sandra Dee, Bobby Darin and a brace of rather fine Series 2 Lambrettas. I must admit, I’d never heard of this movie until it was flagged up on the rather good Vietnamese  “The Scooterist” blog. I’m not going to go into the ins and outs of the story, suffice it to say A) It’s got Rock Hudson etc. in it, B) It’s set in early sixties Italy and C) They ride Lambretta’s. Now what more could you want from a movie? Ms Lolobrigida, in typical Italian fashion even rides pillion ‘sidesaddle style’, It’s on my list of DVD’s to look a out for!