Proper Mod TV. And it could be yours.

Mod TV175
So, if you read the Richard Barnes Mod! book that I posted about a few days ago, or you’ve watched Quadrophenia recently, and you’ve decided a Mod Lambretta is the way to go, IMHO you couldn’t do much worse that buying this little beauty, a fully loaded, chromed and accessorised TV175. The secret, again, in my ever so humble opinion, is taste. Knowing when to stop. Knowing exactly what accessories (absolutely period perfect of course) to include, and what to leave off. And if these pics are ringing any bells, it may be that you’ve either seen the scoot in the flesh, or in one of the articles about it in Scootering. It’s even been a cover star on that esteemed publication.
$_58-4   $_58-7  $_58-9

Read the eBay description for the full story of this cracker, read the Mods! book, Check out my Scooterist Miscellany links for clobber and the like, and you’ll be the big wheel on the scene, making all the other cats look like third-class tickets.

If your interested, there’s a load more pics and information over on eBay. Here’s the link


Need a Lamby? There’s a bit of a wait…

Indian LambrettasReading in this article from India’s “The Hindu” online newspaper about the new found respect for Lambretta’s in India. SIL, (Scooters India Ltd) are still a going concern, still rolling out factory fresh GP200 engines like this one on eBay (I think they are still making them, they may have a big warehouse full of NOS somewhere!).

There are the usual newspaper inaccuracies about Lambretta history of course, but we’ll skip past them, to get to a nugget of info that stopped me in my tracks. Back in the day, the Lambretta scooter became the preferred personal transport of white-collar workers on the subcontinent, mostly government and bank employees. Soon, demand far surpassed production, and the waiting list for the vehicle lengthened. And lengthened. Mr Mr Raveendran, ex Superintendent of Government Gardens and Parks takes up the story;

“In the 60s, you could buy a Lamby only through the State Industries Department. One had to book the scooter and wait for a minimum of six years to take delivery”

Did you get that? A SIX YEAR waiting list! Although, as ever in life, it’s not what you know, it’s who you know. Mr. Raveendran managed to jump the queue, and get his scooter in two weeks.

The original article is here.

Series 2 & Daisy Dukes.

Girl-on-aS2After those last few posts, I thought I should just stick up a pic of an Innocenti machine with two wheels. Ands what’s better that a Lammie with a leggy young lady astride it? Very few things in my opinion!. And kudos to this young lady… because it’s one of those very few pics like this where the scoot isn’t on it’s stand 🙂

High mileage S2

Screen Shot 2014-01-14 at 17.54.29This Series 2 is just about the opposite of the immaculate TV175 I featured yesterday …but the beauty of Lambretteas is, I like this one just as much! It’s taken it’s rider, Roger, who goes under the twitter handle @redscootdog, a good few miles… including Spain, France, Holland, Germany and Belgium… and he’s heading out to Switzerland on it this year. Even in this pic, he’s off on a ferry somewhere. He’s been wet, tired, had back ache and a sore arse from putting all those miles in… but enjoyed every minute of it… Because he’s riding the worlds finest motor scooter.


t’s a bit crowded in the Louge girls. And the buggers haven’t put any tables outside. We’ll just sit on the scooters. Sidesaddle. The hanging baskets are looking a little sad too…

From the Redstar-TV’s Scooter Pooper blog.
Since posting, I’ve noticed this was my 400th post. Which is nice. If you’re new here, and are of an obsessive nature, you’ve got another 399 to check out.


The weather is pretty grotty here in the UK, not too cold, but wet. Very wet. And windy. So here’s an old publicity shot to warm the cockles. Going out to anybody in the UK who is under water, or anyone in the States who’s having it a bit chilly at the moment!

Pic shamelessly stolen from the Girls & Machines Tumblr blog.

Don’t be shy…

tumblr_my5uto2LHD1s6gv03o1_500You’re riding a GT! One of the finest machines to roll out of Mr Innocenti’s factory! I know it’s a bit lazy, just posting pics, but when they’re as good as this, it’s hard to resist. Via the fictions Tumblr blog.

Nice pipe.

9673432f28efecd002e34a7f0025ff64Clobber? Check. Scooter? Check. Pipe?  Maybe lose the pipe. Though sucking a thoughtful pipe immediately makes you look more intelligent. Ok. Keep the pipe. Maybe I should get one…

If anybody know who this is, or who took the shot I will happily credit them.

Just a girl on a Lambretta

9fec06a32197cb28476e4911024c2c9cPhew, I was getting a bit panicky there. The last post didn’t include a single Lambretta. So here’s a nice pic of a nice girl on a nice Lammie. Which is nice.

It’s an image by famous French photographer Jean-Francois Jonvelle. Here’s his website.