The Real McKoi


$_57This scooter for sale on eBay is the absolute business. Usually, I can take or leave custom paint… but this is gorgeous… and I just ‘get” the whole concept of this scooter. The Real McCoy means “the genuine article” and this scooter is certainly that. No expense has been spared in the build, with owner going “straight to the top’ and getting all the work being done by some of the best in the business… The paint is by Ty Layer ( Pageant Paiintwork ), Engraving by Adi Clark, Seat by Corky, 250cc Twin Targa Engine build by Stuart from the 100 MPH Lambretta Club, Hydraulic Clutch by Chris Sadd.McK$_57-3





It all adds up to one stunning scooter. And it could be yours. Check it out on eBay here


Bolt LondonOnline mate David Hardy, designer and Lambrettista, has designed the identity for a new kind of shop… Bolt, in Hackney, London. I’ve had to go to Hackney a few times recently, and there’s a real buzz about the place… lots of positive energy, and good stuff happening, and Bolt is one of them.

Bolt London T-shirt
So Bolt… it’s a showroom for one-off, custom built motorcycles, a hang-out / meeting point for ride-outs, a shop for a range of perfectly chosen apparel, and a gallery… all inspired by the motorcycling lifestyle. And when I say motorcycling, it’s a broad church, you are as likely to see a vintage Vespa or Lammie parked up outside as a BSA or a Triumph. I haven’t managed to get down to Bolt yet, but it’s on my list next time I’m over Hackney way.

Check out the website, and follow them on Facebook.

2 Best Oddities… Skullduggery & Egyptian Swan

Skullduggery + Egyptian SwanCards on the table… I’ve said it before, and I’ll probably say it again. I’m not really into choppers. So I’ve ummed and ahhed about putting these two scoots in. They’ve been on eBay for a while, and the owner isn’t really bothered about selling them, unless he gets the right price. (£10k each) When you read the story that goes with them, you’ll understand why, and understand why I’ve written this post. Because, although I may not be into chops, I am into Lambrettas, a good story, passion, commitment and vision. And that is what it took Nipper to build ’em.Skullduggery2-1Skullduggery-2


If they tickle your fancy, or float your boat, you can buy Skullduggery on eBay here or Egyptian Swan here I won’t insult your intelligence by telling you which one’s which 🙂EgyptianSwan8EgyptianSwan1
Even if, like me, you don’t quite “get” the chopper thing, pop over to eBay and read Nippers story. You can’t help but admire the fella!

Mad Bixby Moto’s Deathdealer II Scootercycle with Sidecar

No, it’s not a Lammie. But it looks a lot of fun. The result of a “build-off” competition run by Dues Customs, and made from a Honda Z50 found in a skip, and a junked engine from a Chinese scooter, along with a bunch of other scrap (total budget $158), produced this wonderfully original little machine. The “hilarious” video (you may want to substitute the word “hilarious” with the word “annoying”) shows the scoots capabilities off pretty well. Although I preferred to watch it with the sound off after about 30 seconds, although I may just be experiencing a temporary sense of humour failure.BixbyMoto1 BixbyMoto2Bixby Moto specialise in monkey bikes, customs and racers… check out their website here. There’s some lovely little beasties on there.

Via Scooterfile,

Future Shock Chopper for sale

Future Shock Lambretta ChopperCards on the table… Choppers ain’t my thing. When you put the list of various custom scooter categories together (and I should do that one day), Choppers would come close to the bottom. For me.

Saying all that, once in a while a chopper comes along that is just SO good that you can’t ignore it. It imbeds itself in your brain, and comes to define the category. Future Shock is the machine that does this… a completely radical, stunningly executed concept that has become, well, iconic. With numerous appearances in the scootering press over the years, you can’t help having noticed it, and admired the vision, time and artistry that has gone into it. Now you can own it. It’s on eBay now, sitting (at time of typing at a tad over £4k). Here’s the eBay link.

Future Shock Lambretta Chopper Screen shot 2013-10-09 at 12.52.09 Screen shot 2013-10-09 at 12.52.19 Screen shot 2013-10-09 at 12.52.27 Screen shot 2013-10-09 at 12.52.36 Screen shot 2013-10-09 at 12.52.42

Automatic selection

Another couple of nice scoots on eBay at the moment… if you like auto’s that is. Ok… they are not everybody’s cup of tea… especially the purists… but were a broad church here at Lambrettista, and I don’t mind them.

After all… where does ‘tuning’ stop. And if you can get “Lammie looks with automatic reliability” which is often the way these things are sold… well… why not.

Anyway. on to the machines. Bike one is the more classic Lambretta looking scoot… Classic SX good looks with a very smart Abarth paint job and a Typhoon 125 power unit. A nice touch is the bar end indicators. Neatly done. It’s had a few bids, but if your desperate to get your hands on it, the buy it now price is £4000. Here’s the link.

Lambretta Abarth Auto

Lambretta Abarth Auto – Front view

$T2eC16Z,!)QE9s3HFhhmBR0y,2TDb!~~60_12Bar end indicators

The second bike is a bit more radical… and there’s a bit of an issue with the photo’s on eBay, so maybe you can see them here and then stick your bid in if your interested. Built on a Lambretta Innovations frame, it runs on 13″ wheels. The power is provided by a Gilera lump with a Mallosi 172 top end. It will (allegedly) “sit at 80mph all day long” and has all round disc brakes to bring you to a swift halt if the need arises. If Kawasaki Green and a swift ride is your thing, you might want to get a bid in on this scoot. Here it is on eBay. Even if you’re not interested, and you’ve got five minutes, check it out because it’s written in a thoroughly engaging style. I like what he’s done with the shed, too.

GP Gilera Auto $T2eC16h,!yUE9s6NGYqzBR2R(3HwEQ~~60_12 $(KGrHqNHJDkFG)SOV-ppBR2RT,Zv4Q~~60_12 $T2eC16V,!zoE9s5nf!FGBR2RVLE3)g~~60_12

My only caveat about autos is, being a hybrid, when things go wrong… where do you take it? A Lambretta specialist? A Gilera (or whoever has made the engine) specialist? Hopefully back to the place that built it. But the permutations of things that could go wrong rise rapidly. Saying that, if you’re even thinking about it, your probably a little handy with the spanners yourself, and a little tinkering may not worry you. If that’s the case, go for it.

What all this Ruckus?

Honda Zoomer-Ruckus-Pics htup_1006_24_o 2009_honda_ruckus headlihgt_shot htup_1006_29_o 2009_honda_ruckus front_view htup_1101_02_o 2004_honda_ruckus rear_right_side_view htup_1101_03_o 2004_honda_ruckus exhaust htup_1101_09_o 2004_honda_ruckus front_tire htup_2101_05_o 2004_honda_ruckus right_side_viewI’ve expressed my admiration for Honda’s Zoomer (or the Ruckus as it’s known stateside) before now…  I think, design wise, it stands head and shoulders above most of the modern scooters on the market. But what has it got to do with the Lambretta? Not a lot to be honest. There’s a kind of back-to-basics early Lambretta aesthetic (Models A-F) about it I suppose. And, from day one, there has been a bit of a scene upgrading and customising the Zoomer. That’s pretty much where it ends. But that’s enough of an excuse for me to post these pics from Honda Tuning Magazine.

I’ve got to admit, my knowledge of todays scoots isn’t that great. What else is out there, modern scooter wise, that deserves a mention? Let me know. If I like it, I’ll post it!

LD Hot Rod

Badass modified LD… Somehow somebody has managed to shoehorn a 450cc, race tuned Banshee lump into a Lambretta LD frame. And then ride it. On the road. In the rain. Hope the brakes have been uprated! Loving the twin pipes… and the noise it makes!

Thanks to my Twitter buddy and fellow Series 2 rider Stuart @stuartbumford for the heads up.



You could own this stunning Bolan/T-Rex tribute Lammy (If you’ve got a spare £12k)

UPDATE: The scooter featured below sold for £11,900…


If muralled, plated, engraved custom Lammies are your thing (they aint mine, but I CAN see the attraction), then here’s your chance to own one of the best out there. The work, and the money, that’s gone into it is immense. It’s based on an all Italian TV 175, Series 3… and as with most of these beautifully customised machines the engine has been seriously tuned too… although I’m not suprised  it has done “a minimum of road miles” since; would you want to zoom about on it when you’d spent so much on paint and plating?


The list of modifications is immense, from one-off, hand made brake levers in the shape of a Gibson ‘flying `V’ guitar, to signatures by Andy Ellison of John’s children (Bolans first band) and Helen Shapiro. Check it out on eBay here. But you’d better be quick, because as I type this, the auction only has 4hrs to run. And it’s currently sitting at £11,900, with 24 bids.


Fattspeed autos



I posted about Lambretta Evolution’s Scomadi auto conversion a while ago, fantastic scooters… but not the only game in town. When you start talking about auto Lambretta a couple of other names keep coming up… one is Dave Briggs (maybe feature his work later), and another is that of Sean Walker, of Fattspeed fame. More of a creator of one off masterpieces than a range of next generation Lambretta’s Shauns work is simply stunning… some of the nicest Lambretta’s I’ve ever seen, bar none. 

There’s a Fattspeed blog here, although it hasn’t been updated for a while.