So the LN’s launched… but what’s happened to the LS?


So the one new Lambretta has launched, and there’s been a bit of buzz around it… but one question I’ve heard asked around the interwebs is “Are they going to make a 50cc version?”.
That would open up the Lambretta market considerably…

Well, when the LN was first announced, there was another model announced at the same time… Pictured here (in white and green) the “LS”. Smaller, lighter with similar, but subtly different styling the LS was due to be available in 150, 125 and importantly 50cc variants. Full specs


I’ve reposted a pic of the LN next to it (it’s the blue and white one!) so you can see the styling differences, and the ‘family’ feel to the range.

I’ve heard nothing about this model for about six months, and my guess would be that “CLAG International Ltd.” the consortium behind the new Lambretta(s) are testing the reaction to the LN, before launching a second model.

As ever, stay tuned and I’ll let you know if I here anything.


LN vs LX


Belgian website pits the new Lambretta LN against the Vespa LX… The Lammie (is it right to call it a Lammie yet? Has it earned it’s spurs?) wins point for Style, Image and Handling, loses them for practicality and finish…

Latest advertising shots of the Lambretta LN


Downloaded from another site related to the new Lambretta LN, . It’s nice to see the traditon of using pretty lady to sell scooters hasn’t entirely died out.


There’s a cool little video on the landing page… although I think it would have been better if they didn’t spell out that the Italian for wasp is Vespa… and left that as a little ‘in-joke’… I do amire the ballsiness of taking on the “auld enemy”. Quite ambitious!


Lambretta LN lands in Vietnam


Here in the UK, we sometimes get a bit of a “brit-centric’ view of the world, and scootering in general. And despite it’s obvious Italian origins, and the fact that it was never manufactured in the UK, we feel a certain “ownership” of the Lambretta brand. We love it more than anybody else. Except perhaps the Italians. And of course the Spanish. And the Germans. Ok, the Dutch, French, Swiss, Swedes… you get the picture. But maybe only half the picture… what about the US? There’s a huge scene out there. And Brasil, Chile, Argentina… But one place I hadn’t expected the Lambretta to be quite so popular is the far East… It’s held in high regard across Malaysia, Japan, Thailand and Vietnam… as can be seen if you follow the reaction to the launch of the new Lambretta LN in Vietnam recently. And either the design is growing on me, or the photographer is rather talented… I’ve never seen the LN looking better than in these shots. I suspect a bit of both.


Lambretta LN… at least it’s not a Pato!

The kindest way to describe the Lambretta LN’s reception in the UK is to say it has been mixed. A lot of people, mainly those of us with ‘proper’ Lambretta scooters simply don’t like it.

Well, here’s the good news… at least it’s not a Pato… the “Lambretta” they have had to put up with in the states for the last couple of years.

The 21st century Lambretta, and no, I’m not banging on about the LN again


The Lambretta LN, love it or hate it is probably the machine that Innocenti would be building today, if they were still in the scooter making business that is.
Just as Piaggio no longer make classic Vespas like the GS160, making more efficient, cleaner, quieter, more reliable (and in my opinion) less soulful machines – so too would Innocenti.

So if you want a “modern Lambretta’ grab an LN.

But they are not the only game in town.There’s the Scomadi Turismo Legarra.

The Scomadi has been built on a single principle: the Lambretta may have had many faults, but styling wasn’t one of them.
In fact many enthusiasts believe the Lambretta design reached it’s highest point just before it’s eventual demise – in the Bertone styled DL/GP.

The guys at Scomadi have taken this classic, much loved design and built a modern, reliable and fast scooter under the skin of the GP design. And we’ll come back to the skin later. Starting with a clean sheet of paper they have developed a competely new frame, suspension system and integrated a modern, powerful 250cc, 4 valve, liquid cooled engine. Hydraulic disc brakes front and rear allow you to bring the machine to a safe and controlled halt. And this isn’t just a scooterboys back garden project. Many years of testing, and refining through a number of test bikes and prototypes have led Lambretta Innovations (the people behind the Scomadi) to where they are now… a fast, modern, efficient reincarnation of the classic Lambretta GP.

Those lucky enough to ride the Scomadi say it’s the smoothest ride hey’ve ever had on a Lambretta. The trademark vibration that we Lambrettisti have got used to has simply been engineered out.
And did I mention fast? The Scomadi will cruise all day at 70 mph. If you really want to give it some welly, you’ll get up to 85 mph out of one. That’s performance that is equivalent to the benchmark for modern, automatic scooters, the Vespa GTS 250.

Refinement and performance under a classic GP skin. I said I was going to come back to the skin, as it’s not the metal panels of the GP we all know and love. I think I’ve saved the best for last here, the guys at Lambretta Innovations have developed a whole new panel set, in ultra light, ultra strong carbon fibre. The space age material they make formula one cars and supercars out of. No wonder it goes like a rocket.

So, back to my original point. The LN IS probably the scooter that Innocenti would be making for todays mass market. (Even if there are currently licensing issues regarding whether it is actually legally a Lambretta at all). But the Scomadi is something else. The speed and refinement of a modern powerful scooter (and then some!) coupled with classic Lambretta good looks. Like it’s Ferrari namesake, this is not a mass market scooter, and it’s premium pricing reflects that. But if you want the ultimate evolution of a true design classic, and one that has the soul of a Lambretta GP, and if you’re prepared to pay a little more get the best, this is the scooter you’re looking for.

Find out more at the Scomadi website